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What Do You Say? (Doctor Who) (PG)

Posted by aelie_baby on 2006.04.14 at 13:38
Title: What Do You Say?
Fandom: Doctor Who (OC: Zeta)
Characters: Zeta Tau, the Doctor (9)
Prompt: 018. you took me in and you drove me out,
yeah, you had me hypnotized;
lost and found and turned around,
by the fire in your eyes
Word Count: 761
Rating: PG
Summary: He only wanted to know why.
A/N: Written for the 50lyricsfanfic Challenge.

Prerequisite reading: Crime and Punishment

(018. you took me in and you drove me out,
yeah, you had me hypnotized;
lost and found and turned around,
by the fire in your eyes

‘Somehow I knew I’d find you here,’ the Doctor said as he approached Zeta. She was sitting in the Cloister gardens on one of the toppled stones. The gardens themselves were devastated, with the once-graceful columns and arches etched in ancient Gallifreyan script in pieces all around. Vines of green, silver, and purple twisted over the rubble, hiding the true extent of the damage. The centre of the Cloisters, however, was nothing but an empty, scorched expanse, the remnants of the Eye of Harmony blasted into oblivion into the Gallifreyan sun.

‘Of course you’d find me in here,’ Zeta replied, glancing up at the Doctor. ‘I come here when I don’t want to be found.’

The Doctor stopped just short of her perch, his hands buried deep in his leather jacket’s pockets as his eyes avoided the glaring burn mark. ‘I needed to speak with you.’

Zeta blinked and shook her head. ‘What could be so bloody important that you would come in here just to talk about it?’

He didn’t answer immediately, but avoided her gaze. She tilted her head and sent a tentative inquiry telepathically. She gestured for him to sit next to her, which he did.

/What’s bothering you?/ she asked in their native tongue, the accompanying mental touches offering comfort and support.

The Doctor held back the impulse to run away. He hated confrontations almost as much as he hated the squirming anxiety in his stomach, but after what had happened on Cyrmax… he had to know. ‘The Rebellion,’ he replied bluntly. ‘Why?’

She had the grace to turn deep red. She tried to meet his eyes, but couldn’t. An awkward silence fell as she tried to formulate a response. In all honesty, she had no idea what to say. After all, how do you explain turning in your friend to the authority he so hated? You tell him the truth.

‘The stars,’ she said quietly.

His brow furrowed and his face demanded explanation.

‘When they took me outside to speak to President Pandad, I looked up and saw the sun for the first time in a century, Doctor. I wanted outside again. And when Pandad told me that you and everyone else had been out exploring the universe… I just got so…’ she waved her hands about uselessly, ‘so angry. I wanted out.’

‘At the expense of your friends?’ he asked, his voice harsh. ‘You get out with nothing and your friends are thrown into prison to be executed?’

‘No!’ she exclaimed vehemently, leaning forward and shaking her head. ‘Pandad told me that all of you would be charged for only what you did after the Rebellion! He lied to me to get all of you!’

‘And what about you?’ he leaned in closer as well, his glare boring into her eyes. ‘What did he promise you?’

‘Nothing,’ she whispered, as if they were conspiring. ‘All charges from the Rebellion were dropped.’

‘And you walked away free,’ he said flatly, straightening his back.

She frowned. ‘What? Who told you that?’

He frowned as well, crossing his arms. ‘Flavia did. She said you were released.’

‘Yeah, into exile!’ Zeta replied, astonished. ‘And after I had a regeneration forced on me, no less!’ She stared at him as he processed the information, and realisation dawned on her. She leaned back and looked away, unable to face him. ‘You thought I got off with no punishment,’ she murmured. ‘No wonder you hated me.’

Silence fell between them again, the only sounds coming from the psychic hum of the TARDIS in their minds. Occasionally, the air would stir, rustling leaves and flowers across the secrets of Time. The Time Lords sat unmoving, each hesitant to break the silence, until:

Soula,’ Zeta muttered, ‘ I am kind of glad they forced the regeneration on me.’ The Doctor gave her a concerned, but inquiring look. She turned to grin at him. ‘It gave me that much-needed upgrade. I went from the fat girl to blonde bombshell.’

The Doctor rolled his eyes as if aggravated, but the smile twitching at his lips belied any negativity. ‘If you insist,’ he replied. ‘I’d better go check on Rose. Make sure she hasn’t destroyed the console room or anything.’

Zeta kept smiling until the doors closed behind him. With sad eyes, she looked to the circle where the Eye of Harmony had once been. With a sigh, she curled up her legs and tucked her chin under her knees. ‘But what did your betrayal cost you, Doctor?’ she murmured.

The echoing silence was her only answer.


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iristigerlily at 2006-04-15 11:15 (UTC) (Link)
Aww! Well done, I was waiting for a conclusion to Crime and Punishment :D
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