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World War III : part one

Posted by aelie_baby on 2006.02.25 at 16:09
Whee. So yes, this was written an eternity ago, but we (being me and darkowl), wanted to ensure that it was really what we wanted.

So yes. Here you go.

Authors: aelie_baby and darkowl86
Beta: hobbit_hunter

Aliens of London
Part One

To say Rose was bewildered would be an understatement. Twenty minutes ago, she had been in the TARDIS, trying to figure out the latest alien crisis, and now, she was in Number 10, surrounded by all sorts of important looking people, all of whom were talking amongst themselves, and all of whom were alien experts. The Doctor had barely said a word since they had entered the room, preferring to stand in the middle and look extremely bored. Nearby snatches of conversation filled her ears: what kind of craft could have possibly crashed here? Was it true that the ‘alien’ really was just a pig? Could it possibly be some kind of diversion sent by familiar aliens – perhaps Dakels or Cyber-guys or something like that again?

An approaching woman caught her eye, and she was surprised when she appeared to be approaching them. She was of an ordinary height, only slightly taller than Rose, and she looked to only be in her late 30s, with only a few wrinkles around her eyes, not to mention a gashing scar across her left eye. She stood out in her jeans and dark blue denim jacket, her wrap shirt beneath in blue and grey stripes, but what was most striking was her… scarlet and orange scarf? She had dark brown hair with a few golden highlights that accented her gold… pupil-less… eyes…

The woman stared at the Doctor suspiciously, her eyes narrowed. The Doctor regarded her much the same way, his eyes running over her as his shoulders tensed. Time seemed to freeze as they inspected each other cautiously. Rose couldn’t tell what was going on; tension rose and choked her, the air around her not budging. Her clothes hung awkwardly, like they were made of lead; she could barely move. The Doctor appeared unfazed by the timeshift, and there, just beneath his skin, was a flash of gold. And there, under the woman’s skin, the same flash of gold. She tried to call out to the Doctor to ask what was happening, but couldn’t manage to expel the air out of her lungs to accomplish anything other than a small murmur. She could see the air slowly ripple as the sound escaped her lips.

‘Are you really the Doctor?’ the woman asked, her voice reverberating in the surreal stillness, ‘’cos if you’re not…’ Their eyes met and a jolt of electricity shot through the unnatural stillness. Both the woman and the Doctor grinned and exclaimed, ‘It is you!’. With a shriek of joy, they embraced – and time was suddenly normal. Rose almost stumbled as her body suddenly lightened.

‘I thought you were dead,’ the woman said, her voice muffled into the Doctor’s leather jacket. The Doctor pulled back and grinned wider than Rose had ever seen before.

‘Well, you know me! Utterly impossible to get rid of! Where’ve you been?’

The woman grimaced. ‘Cardiff.’

There was a pause before the Doctor let out a loud guffaw. ‘Cardiff?’

The woman rolled her eyes. Rose kept looking between the two of them, her mouth turned down in confusion. ‘Doctor?’ she asked softly.

‘Yes, Cardiff,’ the woman snapped, her grin dissolving any bitterness in the statement. ‘It’s not like I had much of a choice in the matter.’

Rose tried again. ‘Doctor?’

‘But…Cardiff!’ Rose blinked in astonishment as the Doctor continued as if he hadn’t heard her.

‘Yeah, so?’

‘I just never thought you in Cardiff.’

‘Well, it’s not like I have to wonder where you’ve been.’

‘Doctor?’ Rose said, impatience starting to filter in her voice. Who the hell was this woman to come barging into her life like this and steal the Doctor’s attentions away?


‘Doctor, who is-‘

‘You’re always off somewhere,’ the woman interrupted, sparing Rose an condescending glance. ‘Toppling oppressive regimes, stopping invasions, saving the universe, handing out jelly babies… mind you, you still carry those things around everywhere?’

‘Yeah,’ the Doctor said, fumbling in his trans-dimensional pockets, then whipping out a small bag of the treats. ‘Here.’

The woman grabbed a few and gave him a small salute of gratitude. ‘Thanks, I brought some this morning, but I ran out and these paranoid gimboids won’t provide me with any form of sugary substance. Honestly, I should lodge a formal complaint about how they treat their experts.’

‘Ladies and gentlemen, can we convene?’ an aide said as he strode into the room. ‘Quick as we can, it’s this way on the right, and may I remind you, ID cards are to be worn at all times.’ He brandished an ID card to the Doctor. ‘Here’s your ID card. I’m sorry, your companion doesn’t have clearance,’ he nodded to Rose.

Oh, great, Rose thought bitterly. And I get left behind again.

The Doctor shook his head as he put the ID card about his neck. ‘I don’t go anywhere without her,’ he said firmly. Rose felt her chest explode in warmth as he gave her a sly wink.

The aide, however, was firm. ‘You’re the code nine, not her. Now, I’m sorry, Doctor. It is Doctor, isn’t it? She’ll have to stay outside.’

The Doctor was absolutely resolute. ‘She’s staying with me,’ he said again. Rose had to keep herself from smirking at the pompous newcomer.

‘Look, even I don’t have clearance to go in there,’ the aide snapped angrily. ‘Now, I can’t let her in there and that’s a fact.’

Rose tilted her head in defiance to the strange woman. ‘It’s alright; you go,’ she said, determined she would show this woman what Rose Tyler was made of. ‘I’ll be fine.’

‘Won’t you, then?’ the woman said, her voice frozen. However, before any other remark could be made, a brown-haired woman in a pink business suit, evidently a politician of some sort, came over clutching her purse with a death grip.

‘Excuse me,’ she asked tentatively, ‘are you the Doctor?’

‘Sure,’ the Doctor replied. Before more could be said, the aide and the politician started yapping at each other.

‘Not now, he’s busy, can’t you go home?’ The aide looked extremely irritated at her and his position.

‘I just need a word, in private.’ she said pleadingly.

‘You haven’t got clearance now leave it.’ Growing increasingly irritated at the present situation, the aide turned to Rose and said, ‘I’m going to have to leave you with Security.’

‘It’s alright,’ the politician said with a nervous smile. ‘I’ll look after her. Let me be of some use.’ She gestured for Rose to join her. ‘Walk with me. Just keep walking. That’s right…’ Rose started to look behind her to meet the Doctor’s eyes one last time, but he was talking to the woman again. ‘Don’t look ‘round,’ her companion snapped. She pulled out an identity card and flashed it at Rose. ‘Harriet Jones, MP, Flydale North.’ The name and title came out in an agitated squeak, somewhat well prepared but worried, never a good combination when conversing with a politician.

A creeping feeling of dread filled Rose as she watched the Doctor and his “friend” walk off, twittering away about something. Something was coming, it always did, especially with the Doctor running about.


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iristigerlily at 2006-03-01 06:01 (UTC) (Link)
Cool! Great take on the episode. Can't wait for more.. :)
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